Shrader Engineering provides specialized engineering services to support the development of water systems for thriving communities and counties throughout the State.

Our firm has unparalleled experience in water facility electrical, instrumentation, communications, SCADA automation, and security design for municipal water infrastructure projects including surface water transmission, raw water pump stations, booster pump stations, water plants, and disinfection system conversions. Our firm is focused on providing designs that support a strong cyber security best practices implementation program.

The region’s strong population growth and subsequent increase in water demand has made the availability of surface water resources a critical focus of municipal utility districts (MUDs). Multiple water authorities and river authorities have been expanding their distribution capabilities to the region, while at the same time, regional MUDs have been expanding their receiving and surface water treatment capabilities.

Our team understands the processes required such as coagulation, flocculation, sedimentation, and filtration just to name a few. Each of these processes require specialized instrumentation, controls, and programming for the treatment system as a whole to run as efficiently as possible. Whether the treatment system is a traditional reverse osmosis system, or if it is an advanced membrane ultrafiltration system, we have the expertise to design all electrical, communications, instrumentation, SCADA automation, and security systems.


“There is a shift occurring towards surface water in the regional water industry. River Authorities and Water Authorities are planning to build additional pipeline and canal networks to keep up with the growing demand in our region. We believe the future of our regional water system will consist of interconnected facilities with SCADA automation that can provide combined snapshots of water supply and water use at the push of a button. Integrated trending and reporting functionality will be vital in making real-time decisions based on supply and demand as well as forecasting for future growth.”