As our region grows in population, the demand for larger, wider, and taller highway and roadway systems increase. This increased infrastructure creates a need for dependable and powerful stormwater removal systems such as automated pumping stations.

Shrader Engineering has been directly involved with several of the State’s largest stormwater pump station projects along major sections of Texas highways. Our firm is pre-certified with the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) in the Category of “Pump Station Electrical” and “Hydraulics.”

Our team is familiar with the electrical and SCADA automation requirements related to TxDOT projects and routinely assists Civil Engineers with meeting TxDOT objectives and requirements.


“When it rains over grassland, much of the water can be absorbed into the ground until the ground saturates. Natural low lying areas become lakes and rivers and flow towards the oceans. When highway and roadway infrastructure is expanded, low lying areas are created as a by-product and drainage must be designed to address these low lying areas. Stormwater pump stations are a tool in the hydrology tool belt that can deal with large amounts of stormwater removal from a low lying area. Shrader Engineering has played a large role in helping the region move stormwater for decades.”