Cyber Security

In our connected world, devices of all kinds are networked together for ease of access and to share information. With the modernization of our nation’s critical infrastructure, there continues to be tremendous benefits with integration and networking of industrial control systems that manage our water processes, transportation systems, and critical infrastructure. These systems can be vulnerable if the proper protections are not carefully planned and implemented. The need for strong cyber security policies, procedures, and planning has never been greater.

With the modernization of today’s critical infrastructure, cyber security planning must play an essential role in the design process. At Shrader Engineering, we take this role seriously and consider cyber security best practices as a core focus. Some of the best practices we focus on include:

  • Network Adaptive Security Appliances
  • System Update Schedules and Procedures
  • Password Policy Metrics and Management
  • Network I/O Port Policies
  • Workstation User Profile Policies
  • Switch and Router Access Policies
  • Operator and Personnel Education

In addition to applying cyber security best practices, we help define organizational security requirements and provide plans for achieving target requirements and compliance with US Federal and Department of Defense audits.

  • Assessment of Existing Environment – Field interviews and data collection of existing IT inventory, documentation and policies in place throughout organization
  • Network Mapping – Digital mapping of organization’s network, creating a detailed base-map of all IT and physical security devices, their locations, data throughput and status
  • Threat Assessment Reporting and Recommendations – Using the national NIST Vulnerability Reference Model and Cyber Security Framework, we deliver comprehensive reports detailing vulnerability findings and recommended remediation for each device in the network and/or ecosystem
  • Other Services - Cyber remediation services, policy and procedure development, compliance for cyber liability insurance, and on-going cyber defense support services